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This is the site of Dutch jazz singer Masha Bijlsma; it will be updated regularly, but for now: please check out the latest news and pay attention to my tourdates, bands  and projects. If you want more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me (   or my management Ietsje de Leeuw Jazz Promotie. And even more important: come and attend one of my concerts, you won’t regret it!                                         


Next Gigs  October/November 2023:

– October, 13  2023  the Masha Bijlsma Band at the “Jazzkeller” Frankfurt / Germany

  Line up: 

   Masha Bijlsma                        vocals

   Ben van den Dungen            saxophon

   Martin Sasse                          piano

   Taeke Stol                              double bass

   Dries Bijlsma                         drums

– October, 14  2023  the Masha Bijlsma Band at  Jazzclub Bamberg / Germany feat. Ben van den Dungen

– October, 29  2023  the Masha Bijlsma Band feat. Bart van Lier at  Jazzfestival Alkmaar / Holland

– October, 31  2023  the Masha Bijlsma Sextet at  Cultuurhuis Heerlen / Holland, feat. Ben van den Dungen/Ilja Reijngoud

– November, 03  2023  the Masha Bijlsma Quintet at  Jazz at the Club Den Haag / Holland, feat. Ben van den Dungen

– November, 26  2023  the Masha Bijlsma Band at Mess Jazz  Naarden-Vesting / Holland


Masha with jazz legends Bart van Lier and Tony Lakatos
Masha with jazz legends Bart van Lier and Tony Lakatos






‘Past and Present Tour’ and new CD ‘INTERACTION’

in 2023-2024  the Masha Bijlsma Band celebrates its 30th anniversary with a ‘Past and Present’ tour, playing an exciting  mix of old and  new repertoir.

Interested?  Ietsje de Leeuw Jazz Promotie!

To support this tour the band recorded the new  album ‘INTERACTION’ for the new label JAZZJAZZ RECORDS, Cologne, Germany.

With Masha you can hear  Tony Lakatos (saxophone) , Bart van Lier (trombone), Martin Sasse (piano), bassplayer Martin Gjakonovski and drummer Dries Bijlsma.












 In 2003  Masha recorded the CD ‘Lopin’ featuring trumpet players

Jarmo Hoogendijk and Ruud Breuls, tenorsaxophonist Bob Malach (USA)  and

trombonist  Bart van Lier. The cooperation with these great gentleman

was so fruitful that she  decided to give it a continuation: she started the

Masha Bijlsma Sextet  featuring hornmen Ben van den Dungen and Ilja Reijngoud,

who, besides their great solo and ensemble contributions, both provided  that fat 

sound for this  ‘sextetto’ .                                                                                                                                                     

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             to get an impression:  please read the review from our gig at the Kassel Jazzfest

great review from our gig at the Kassel Jazzfestival 2021:









Abbey Lincoln Project: ‘For love of Abbey’

I proudly present a new bandproject  entitled ‘For love of Abbey’, a tribute in honour of
the great American singer Abbey Lincoln.

Interested?  Go to the Abbey Lincoln Project – page or contact Ietsje de Leeuw Jazz Promotie!

 autumn 2021  ‘Masha Bijlsma Band’ in a groovy line up:

Masha Bijlsma                                                    vocals

Martin Sasse / Hans Kwakkernaat                 piano

Ruud Ouwehand / Martin Gjakonovski         double bass

Dries Bijlsma                                                      drums

Guests:   Bart van Lier (trombone), Ilja Reingoud (trombone), Tony Lakatos (saxophone), Paul Heller (saxophone), Ben van den Dungen (saxophone) ,                                              


– Masha’s music available online:  SpotifyApple MusicAmazon, Deezer