Masha Bijlsma Sextet


In 2003 I recorded the CD ‘Lopin’ featuring trumpet players

Jarmo Hoogendijk and Ruud Breuls, tenorsaxophonist Bob Malach and

trombonist  Bart van Lier. The cooperation with these great gentleman

was so fruitful that I decided to give it a continuation: I started the

Masha Bijlsma Sextet  featuring hornmen Tony Lakatos and Bart van Lier,

who, besides their great solo and ensemble contributions, both provided  that fat

sound for this  ‘sextetto’ .                                                                                                                                                    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Arrangements for the band came from

pianist Rob van den Broeck and bass player Henk de Ligt.


This is a great band for festivals!

Line up:

Masha Bijlsma – vocals

Tony Lakatos – saxophone

Bart van Lier – trombone

Martin Sasse / Hans Kwakkernaat – piano

Ruud Ouwehand / Martin Gjakonovski – double bass

Dries Bijlsma – drums

with Bart van Lier and Tony Lakatos
with Bart van Lier and Tony Lakatos